FlexPowerHub is a Software as a Service for energy trading which allows professional users to market their capacities individually and automatically.

On behalf of cognify GmbH I am engaged as an external frontend developer in the team. I am involved in two projects of FlexPowerHub, namely Bid Generator and Bid Manager. The Bid Generator allows to create strategies for the energy trading market which are used to automatically generate bids on a daily basis. With the Bid Manager, these bids can be managed, adapted to individual requirements and transferred to Transmission System Operators who are operating the electricity grids.

FlexPowerHub Gebotsgenerator

FlexPowerHub Gebotsgenerator

Key Data of the Project

  • Start: 11/12/2020
  • Status: development / production

Technical Description

Technologies Used

Bid Generator and Bid Manager are using the same tech stack:

  • React (JavaScript): Frontend
  • Material-UI: React UI Framework
  • D3.js: Data visualization
  • rollup: Sharing of components between the projects via an own library

Data communication happens via a REST-API, which is developed by cognify GmbH.